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At least 220 county residents died as a result of the conflict in Vietnam.  Currently, there’s no local monument to honor those killed in Southeast Asia, but this effort hopes to soon change that situation.

A permanent display in Fort Worth’s Veterans Memorial Park on Camp Bowie Blvd. designed by local students, will honor American service members for their sacrifices, as well as commemorate the loss to the families and loved ones.


The proposed monumental effort - led by Jim Hodgson, executive director of the Fort Worth Aviation Museum - is backed by a coalition of Tarrant County officials, the Fort Worth Parks Dept., national and local veterans service organizations, as well as patriotic groups and individuals across North Texas. 

Hodgson has assembled a team of volunteers to take on a myriad of challenges related to the memorial project. Over the next several months, those efforts will include:

  • Engaging schools and students in the memorial’s design

  • Verifying the names of those to be included on the monument

  • Spreading the word and raising funds to support the effort

  • Dedication ceremony in Veterans Memorial Park

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