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Tarrant County Vietnam memorial foundation

Saluting the sacrifices made by Servicemembers in Southeast Asia, their families & friends

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Lead a coalition of Tarrant County officials, the Fort Worth Parks Dept., national and local veterans service organizations, as well as patriotic groups and individuals across North Texas in designing, building and installing a  memorial to those military veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in Southeast Asia.

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design announced


The design by student artist Ryan Scieneaux for the Vietnam War-Era Memorial is a tree with several leaves hanging from it, listing the Tarrant County residents who died serving during that era. The leaves will display the person’s name, branch of service, date of death and hometown. According to Scieneaux, the tree represents life “Just as a dying tree gives way for new trees to grow, those who fought in the Vietnam War sacrificed their lives so that ours could be better,” she explains.

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